Advantages and disadvantages of mothers working outside home

Email More and More, It Takes a Village An oft overlooked benefit of the workforce of mothers is the strengthening of our communities and of our schools. Everyone involved in a child's life today has had to hone sense of responsibility and service to families. One of the newest benefits of working moms is that not every mother has to leave their home in order to work. Some mothers open daycare centers at their home so that they can still spend their days with their children.

Advantages and disadvantages of mothers working outside home

English Mar 29, They choose to work in another country is because of many reasons. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to work in a foreign country? Working abroad is considered as a chance to experience new strange things, meet people from different countries. If you meet any trouble in your job, you can discuss it with colleagues and find out a good solution more easily.

In the foreign companies, team work is very appreciated. Thanks to it, you can uphold your cooperated ability with the other colleagues. Therefore, you can get lots of team work experience. In foreign country, employees are given various social welfare such as pension for retired worker, labour insurance, medical care … Besides, your income is sufficient for you to have higher living standard than it in your own country.

The most difficult thing is language barrier. If your foreign language is not good, it can limit you to communicate with foreigners, it can also make them misunderstand you.

Advantages and disadvantages of mothers working outside home

It will lead to a bad result for people working abroad. Therefore, you should prepare for your own a good foreign language so that you can understand what others say as well as let them know what you speak.

Advantages and disadvantages of mothers working outside home

Culture clash is also a big problem. You must learn carefully about the custom and habit of the people in that country. You should pay more attention to the weatherrebels, unstable politics of the country you work in as well. It is too dangerous for you when working in a country having terrorism, you can even be in dangerous situation to yourself or have to face up to bad problems.

For example, Vietnamese workers are coming back Vietnam after the earthquake in Japan. Or people working in Rusia have to be careful because recently, some Vietnamese workers were killed in there. Thus, working in peaceful countries is always better than others.

In summary, each person has their own ways to get success and enjoy their lives. Working abroad always has its own advantages and disadvantages. Anyway, many people choose this way and make it become a common trend today.The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home and Organizational Policies The Benefits of Working from Home: The Employees’ Perspective A typical challenge for working professionals, especially women, is to maintain work life balance with regards to ensuring that neither their family life nor their career suffers because of the other.

Being a Mother has Advantages and Disadvantages Every mother nurtures her child differently. A mother with a child must decide whether she needs to work, or if she needs to stay home with her child. Either decision the mother makes will have affects on the child and husband.

Therefore, the decision that is made must work for the family. In two-parent families, the fathers take on a larger share of the household tasks and child care and this seems to have benefits for the children.

In the working class, employed mothers indicated a higher level of well-being than full-time homemakers and this, in turn, affects their parenting in positive ways. Aug 06,  · full time mothers, mother"s choice of motherhood, stay-at-home mums, working mothers, women"s role in Singapore, family policy, parenting.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages, for children, if both parents go to work. Many of us are surprised to learn that about two decades ago, only fathers went to work; while mothers . Jan 07,  · Best Answer: I seriously cannot think of a single disadvantage. I stay home with my kids and we homeschool.

I love being here with them all day. We operate on a schedule that keeps our day flowing smoothly and it allows me plenty of time to myself while still giving them the time they Resolved.

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