Brazil essay conclusion

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Brazil essay conclusion

Society and political parties 4. Introduction Brazil is one of the largest countries on Latin America. Brazil possesses more than 30 kinds of mineral resources.

According to many socio-economic characteristics Brazil is identified as a developing country, nevertheless is occupies a special place in the list of these countries. Having a huge potential and a sufficiently high level of economic development, Brazil has found a place in the list of the new industrial countries.

Geography Brazil is the country with the largest area in South America and the fifth in the world. Brazil, can without a doubt be called the economically strongest country in South America especially due to the storages of natural resources.

Brazil has agricultural soils and also has rain forests with extremely high humidity. The rainforests are situated on in the low-lying rainforests of the Amazon. The Amazon is situated in the north of the country and the fertile hills in the south.

The north of the country is almost not inhabited and the majority of population concentrates in the south 2. Amazon, obviously is the biggest river in Brazil and the second largest river on the planet.

As the Amazon occupies a vast territory of Brazil it therefore does not have a significant variation of seasonal temperature. Only the north of the country sometimes experiences frost and snow.

Political culture Brazil is a federation that consists of twenty-six states and one federal district. Historically, the country was a colony claimed by people from Portugal and this made Portuguese the official language.

The Portuguese reached Brazil in and until that moment is was inhabited by semi-nomadic people. The Queen did not stay long in Brazil, but during the 20 years of royal presence a lot of changes occurred: So at the moment of getting the independence on the 7th of September,Brazil already had the potential to develop.

The Brazilian Empire abolished slavery in in the face of Princess Isabel. A lot of European people started coming to Brazil and the industry of the country started working.

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The 19th and the 20th century, as it has been said above immigrated to Brazil and basically 5 million European and Japanese immigrants became the dwellers of Brazil. The beginning of the 20th century was especially marked by the immigration of a lot of Asian people: Japanesel Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants 4.

As a matter of fact Japanese people do not immigrate a lot, and the fact that the Brazilian-Japanese people are the largest Japanese minority in the world does astonish greatly. The southern states mainly consist of European population and the north and the northeast consist of a mixed population including Africans, Amerindians and Europeans.

Most of this population is Roman Catholic. No other country in the world has the same amount of Catholics. The modern tendency of Brazil is the growing number of people calling themselves Protestants.

Some Brazilians, especially in the northern states were mixed Africans live prefer following the traditional African religions.

Though Brazil always tried to maintain democracy it was collapsed several times by the dictatorship of Getulo Vargas. This fact could not affect the political situation in the country. Society,political parties and government.

Though Brazil is a country with many natural resources and a strong economy, still 22 million people experience extreme poverty in this country.

The democratic orientation of Brazil, broken by Getulo Vargas was not truly democratic, as it the political system was not in reality what it was considered to be and that is the reason the military decided to find the solution to the situation with their own hands.

In Brazil was claimed to be a presidential democracy and now is a federative republic, though in there was an attempt to change it either to parliamentary system or to constitutional monarchy.

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The earnings of these people hardly cover their very basic surviving needs. It happened primarily due to the fact that there is a little number of middle class representatives. Having a middle class in some Brazils regions is almost impossible due to the climate and other factors 2.Since Brazil is so large and it's in South America it has many landforms and landscapes.

Each one different and from each other, Although Brazil is a country of hills and tall and small peaks, it does not have many high mountains.3/5(6). Brazil Facts Essay - Brazil Introduction You probably heard of Brazil but, do you know much about it. Brazil is a beautiful place or country, in South America.

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Brazil essay conclusion

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This is why I consider it . In conclusion, the concept of Brazialinness continues to evolve, embracing new influences as new migrants coming to Brazil. The diversity present today varies from the indigenous people that inhibited Brazil, when it was discovered by the Portuguese in , to .

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