Depression and suicidal ideation mental health case study

Suicide is one of the most common reasons for death among young adults. With the increasing number of suicides and attempts among university students, the authorities, administrators and mental health professionals still lack the best knowledge about how to effectively protect students from suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Depression and suicidal ideation mental health case study

Death of family members or friends End of a relationship Other studies have found that tobacco use is correlated with depression and suicidal ideation [14] Unplanned pregnancy Bullyingincluding cyberbullying [15] [16] Previous suicide attempts Having previously attempted suicide is one of the strongest indicators of future suicidal ideation or suicide attempts [13] Military experience Military personnel who show symptoms of PTSD, major depressive disorder, alcohol use disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder show higher levels of suicidal ideation [17] Undesired changes in body weight [19] Women: Liu of San Diego State Universitya significant connection was found between the parent—child relationships of adolescents in early, middle and late adolescence and their likelihood of suicidal ideation.

The study consisted of measuring relationships between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, mothers and sons, and fathers and daughters. The relationships between fathers and sons during early and middle adolescence show an inverse relationship to suicidal ideation.

Closeness with the father in late adolescence is "significantly related to suicidal ideation". It was found that boys are better protected from suicidal ideation if they are close to their mothers through early and late adolescence; whereas girls are better protected by having a close relationship with their father during middle adolescence.

Depression and suicidal ideation mental health case study

An article published in by Zappulla and Pace found that suicidal ideation in adolescent boys is exacerbated by detachment from the parents when depression is already present in the child. Suicide prevention Early detection and treatment are the best ways to prevent suicidal ideation and suicide attempts.

If signs, symptoms, or risk factors are detected early then the individual might seek treatment and help before attempting to take their own life.

Another study investigated strictly suicidal ideation in adolescents. This study found that depression symptoms in adolescents early as 9th grade is a predictor of suicidal ideation. Most people with long-term suicidal ideation do not seek professional help.

Ways to increase the number of individuals who seek treatment may include: A Psychological Distress scale known as the K10 was administered monthly to a random sample of individuals. According to the results among the 9. Participants who scored "very high" on the Psychological Distress scale "were 77 times more likely to report suicidal ideation than those in the low category".

In most of the cases, the office visit took place within a week of the suicide, and most of the victims had a diagnosed depressive disorder. Treatment[ edit ] Treatment of suicidal ideation can be problematic due to the fact that several medications have actually been linked to increasing or causing suicidal ideation in patients.

Therefore, several alternative means of treating suicidal ideation are often used. The main treatments include: In most cases, individuals have the freedom to choose which treatment they see fit for themselves. However, there are several circumstances in which individuals can be hospitalized involuntarily.

If an individual poses danger to self or others If an individual is unable to care for oneself Hospitalization may also be treatment option if an individual: Has access to lethal means e. Being at home may improve quality of life for some patients, because they will have access to their books and computer, and be able to come and go freely.

Before allowing patients the freedom that comes with outpatient treatment, physicians evaluate several factors of the patient. These factors include the patient's level of social support, impulse control and quality of judgment.

After the patient passes the evaluation, they are often asked to consent to a "no-harm contract". This is a contract formulated by the physician and the family of the patient.

Major Depressive Disorder in Adolescence: a case study. Deepa Sekhar. Biomed Lynda has a history of suicidal ideation and has tried to cut herself in the past, but reported that the knife would not penetrate her skin. Lynda reported depression for the past 2 years and an obsession with death since 8th grade. She is an obese female. Medical students experience depression, burnout, and mental illness at a higher rate than the general population, with mental health deteriorating over the course of medical training. Medical students have a higher risk of suicidal ideation 7 and suicide, 8 higher rates of burnout, 6,9 and a lower quality of life than age-matched. The second case presented by Atigari, Hogan, and Healy () was that of a year-old female referred to as “Patient B.” Patient B was a health professional with no history of neuropsychiatric disorders, alcohol misuse, or substance misuse – who had .

Within the contract, the patient agrees not to harm themself, to continue their visits with the physician, and to contact the physician in times of need. These patients are then checked on routinely to assure they are maintaining their contract and avoiding dangerous activities drinking alcohol, driving fast without wearing a seat belt, etc.

Medication[ edit ] Prescribing medication to treat suicidal ideation can be difficult. One reason for this is that many medications lift patients' energy levels before lifting their mood.

Depression and suicidal ideation mental health case study

This puts them at greater risk of following through with attempting suicide. Additionally, if a person has a comorbid psychiatric disorder, it may be difficult to find a medication that addresses both the psychiatric disorder and suicidal ideation.

Antidepressants may be effective. One correlational study compared mortality rates due to suicide to the use of SSRI antidepressants within certain counties.This study aims to examine the associations of acne with suicidal ideation, mental health problems, and social functioning in a large representative community sample.

We also wanted to explore whether a possible relationship between acne and suicidal ideation might be influenced by social functioning. Mental health professionals who may be consulted include psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and masters-level therapists. Some may first seek help from a general physician or religious counselor.

Each type of professional has their own perspective and expertise, and practitioners of all kinds have experience dealing with depression. Jul 24,  · Learn more about the signs, symptoms and effects of suicidal ideation from the experts at Valley Behavioral Health Valley Behavioral Health System.

Case Study 2: 20 year-old male with treatment refractory depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder presented with suicidal ideation.

Although ketamine may decrease suicidal ideations in persons with depression, little is known about its use in other conditions associated with suicidal thoughts. Mental Health. Addiction. In this case study, application of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) for a year-old Engineering third-year student presented with mild depression and suicidal ideations after a difficult.

Depression, suicidal ideation, and associated factors: a cross-sectional study in rural Haiti