Essay on prostitution as a social problem in india

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Essay on prostitution as a social problem in india

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Fake differentiation in superiority and inferiority. Increases gap between upper and lower caste people. Caste system is also a danger towards the National integration of the country.

Caste system is a major cause for many inhuman and immoral social practices such as untouchability, child marriage, sati system sati prathaprostitution, etc. There is a need for widespread social change in favor of equality of human-beings. Caste system can be discouraged through social education in rural areas.

There should be special classes at schools that imparts value and moral education to the children. Superstitious people are extremely fearful and discourage any change in social norms. Education will help shed away superstition, which in turn, will help shed casteism as well. With better education and economic progress, people belonging to diverse caste get opportunity to mix and work together.

Many of them become friends while working together on a project. The causes, effects and solutions for poverty in India are discussed below: The major reasons or causes of poverty are: People are poor because they are illiterate, and they are illiterate because they cannot afford education.

Illiteracy and poverty stays side-by-side. They both are the cause and effect of each other. In case where the resources and opportunities are limited and the population is high, there arises a situation of joblessness which ultimately leads to poverty.

Some natural and environmental problems such as lack of rainfall, drought, etc. There are many other reasons also like caste system, unemployment, etc.

The negative effects of poverty are mentioned below: Poor people will always have to depend on others to survive.

The problem of Prostitution an Indian perspective

Low quality foods may leads to bad nutrition. Poor people have less liberty for the choice of profession.

Poverty may affect the moral and self-esteem of people living in extreme hardship. Poverty also results in building stress which ultimately affects the relationship of people.

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The low standard of living prevails among poor people. The solutions for poverty are discussed below: Poverty can be checked by increasing job opportunities. It will decrease the rate of unemployment which ultimately results in decrease of poverty in economy.

Government should take more steps towards charity, trusts and have some transparency while spending money in those social institutions. There is a need for initiatives of paid leave to the workers.W hen Judaism demanded that all sexual activity be channeled into marriage, it changed the world.

Essay on prostitution as a social problem in india

The Torah's prohibition of non-marital sex quite simply made the creation of Western civilization possible. Societies that did not place boundaries around sexuality were stymied in their development.

Human Rights laws in India: lays down laws for the protection of every person from all kinds of discrimination, be it social, econimic, political in India. May 03,  · If you’ve been asked to prepare a presentation, it’s time to look for good topics for presentations and choose the one that suits you best.

Social issues (also social problem, social evil, and social conflict) refers to any undesirable condition that is opposed either by the whole society or by a section of the society.

India is facing a large number of social issues such as caste system, child labour, illiteracy, gender inequality,superstitions, religious conflicts, and many more. The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with the United States and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject.

You may improve this article, discuss the issue on the talk page. (December ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). Prostitution has been a common trait in both the ancient and modern cities of India and is increasing in number with time (Aronowitz,).The main reason behind this is basically poverty, social dogmas and different mental and physical oppression on women(Sithannan,).

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