Essay on why english is important in our daily life

If we cannot speak English even a little bit, we are called as a very poor in this community. We also cannot improve our life if we worst in English. We will feel loser if we in the group that use English as a medium to speak.

Essay on why english is important in our daily life

Newspaper is an important part of our life. And according to the Wikipedia India is the biggest newspaper market in the world and over million copies sold each day. Here you can go for facts and figures Nowadays with the help of internet technologies, eNewspaper is replacing printed version.

And the biggest benefit for people is that they can read newspapers on tablets, computer and mobile. Learn in points, why the newspaper is important?

Importance of newspaper in education Newspaper and news can play important role in the development of education in any country by using the news as a practical example of theory students are learning in books. Such as if students are learning in college and school about demonetization methods, disadvantages and advantages then teachers can showcase the demonetization content from the newspaper.

They can include how demonetizations effecting society and real-life examples. Another example such as political science students learns in 11th or 12th about the powers of prime minister in India. Now teachers can explain those uses of powers by current prime minister daily activities. Actions and that relate to content in the newspaper.

According to above examples, I think a newspaper can play very important role in the development of practical education. Importance of newspaper for students Students can get various benefits from newspaper reading.

Such as newspaper increase the vocabulary. English learners can increase their vocabulary from the newspaper. Even economic students, Hindi language students, political science students and students of various subjects can find new words, use of words from newspaper according to their interests and subjects.

Newspaper reading not only benefits students in their subjects but also improve the general knowledge and knowledge of culture and trends in various parts of the country. Importance of newspaper for shopkeepers and business owners In India, almost all shopkeepers and offices are regular users of the newspaper.

The newspaper helps shopkeepers, business owners, entrepreneurs to understand the current economic trends, market prices, new laws and government policies and festival dates. So they can prepare the stock and understand demand and supply. Also, old newspapers help them to use it for package small items such as milk packet, spices and various other things.

Importance of newspaper for housewives Weekly special pages of Hindi English newspaper helps housewives to learn about new cooking recipes.

Such as Amar Ujala Hindi newspaper publish cooking recipes, sweet making tips etc. Importance of newspaper of elderly people Elderly people living in the cities use newspaper as a part of life.

They are newspaper learners from childhood. And what was it the time when they are young? The newspaper is like a friend for elderly people. It helps them in time pass when they feel bored or alone at home.

Importance of newspaper for Politicians For politicians newspaper and news is the prime source of information for politicians. The newspaper helped them to understand people problems. They get information about the crisis in a particular area and what other politicians are doing on ground level in the country.

The newspaper helps them to generate new issues and debates.

It also helps them to make headlines and own political brand building and positioning in the democracy. Importance of newspaper for Job Seekers Job seekers can see various new jobs and employment opportunity in the newspaper. Often private companies and government department, recruitment agencies use newspaper a prime source for job advertisements and news.

If job seekers read a variety of newspaper in a month in a public library or at home then it will help them to acquire new information, knowledge and data that can help them in competitive exams and interviews.

Essay on why english is important in our daily life

Importance of newspaper for teachers News on newspaper impact on people differently. Some use the news as a part of political issues, some use as lessons, some us a general knowledge and some find it funny or subject of joy. They can use this information to guide students. And they can show the methods and ways to handle economic conditions in various situations.

And students can learn more about the details that are impactful from teachers rather than news anchor or reporter or politicians. Such as if there is news on black money on newspaper then teachers can teach students how black money affects society and country negatively."Why English Is Important For Our Life" Essays and Research Papers Why English Is Important For Our Life Learning english is important for our daily life.

Essay on why technology is important in our daily life? Free words Essay on important of technology in our daily life? for school and college students. Technology plays a vital role in our life and we really can’t escape from this fact.

One of the reason why we must learn English in our daily life is English is important to get a job. In this era, many people are jobless even though they have a degree. Jul 10,  · English skills will also help you in any business venture you choose to follow.

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Blog Archive Contact Us Importance of English language Everybody these days values the importance of English and consequently they strive hard in order to enhance their English skills. English language is considered to be a general language and everybody understands its significance.

If you visit some offices, companies, governmental organizations, or even math or engineering companies, you will see the importance of arteensevilla.coms: English is an essential language to learn and knowing its value a lot of people are taking up numerous English courses to develop their English skills.

Tags: importance of english language speech, essay on importance of english language in our life, importance of English in our life, importance of english language in our life, . The usage of English Language has become significant in our daily life.

It is a fact that English Language is the language that is used globally in the world nowadays. Many countries’ governments practise English Language as the formal language to carry out their jobs and to complete the paper works.

Importance of English in our daily life