Integrated starter generator

Overview[ edit ] In its first generation, IMA could not power the car on electricity alone, and could only use the motor to assist or start the engine.

Integrated starter generator

We use next-generation technologies in small cars in pursuit of comfortable lifestyles and a bountiful society. FZ variant equipped with a CD player. By assisting the engine with a motor during acceleration, where more fuel is needed, it realizes further fuel efficiency.

Also, because the starter motor of the ISG a generator with a motor function restarts the engine through a belt after the engine auto stop, it is free from gear engagement noise, Integrated starter generator it realizes silent and smooth restart of the engine.

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ISG a generator with a motor function Efficient generation through increasing the generation efficiency and utilizing the deceleration energy. With the combined motor function, it enables restart of the engine and assist of the engine with a motor during acceleration.

Suzuki's eNe-CHARGE system uses a high-efficiency, high-output alternator to generate electricity using the deceleration energy that is available every time the driver releases the accelerator pedal and every time the driver presses the brake pedal.

The system stores the electricity in a lead-acid battery that is specially designed for vehicles equipped with Engine Auto Stop Start System and in a high-efficiency lithium-ion battery. It uses the stored electricity to power electrical equipment such as the car's audio system and meters.

It thereby minimizes the amount of petrol used by the engine to generate electricity. High-efficiency lithium-ion battery The lithium-ion battery is light, compact, and highly efficient.

The high efficiency with which this battery stores electricity enables the system to minimize the amount of electricity generated using engine power while the engine is propelling the car.

Integrated starter generator

The result is lower fuel consumption. Thermal efficiency is a measure of how much thermal energy in the fuel is converted to motive power. By increasing the thermal efficiency, the engine can utilise the fuel with less waste. In order to achieve this, the potential in the petrol engine needs to be thoroughly pursued.

While the most effective way of improving thermal efficiency is to raise the compression ratio, this can cause knocking abnormal combustion in the combustion chamber and increase the possibility for engine damage. Thus, advanced technologies to suppress knocking were needed.

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The combustion chamber in the DUALJET engine is designed to be smaller than the conventional ones to increase compression ratio for delivering both engine performance and environmental performance at a high level while adopting various technologies such as cooling technologies to suppress knocking.

Further, the engine is also installed with dual injection system for better thermal efficiency and cooled EGR system for enhanced knocking suppression effect, and realises the optimum compression ratio of " We also reduced various energy losses and pursued thermal efficiency to the utmost limit to deliver high fuel efficiency while ensuring power required for dynamic driving.

A dual injection system to increase thermal efficiency Fuel is injected using two injectors per cylinder. Injecting atomised fuel stabilises combustion by making the fuel more readily combustible which enables better thermal efficiency. Further, locating the injectors close to the combustion chamber for more efficient filling of fuel reduces the cylinder temperature and suppresses knocking.

Cooled EGR system to suppress knocking Water-cooled EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation system has been adopted, which cools and returns some of the exhaust gas to the combustion chamber to reduce combustion temperature, thereby enhancing the knock suppression effect for higher thermal efficiency.

Further technologies for higher thermal efficiency and knocking suppression Optimisation of the intake port and the piston shape Strong intake vortex is generated with thinner intake port and smooth and concaved piston crown shape.Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.

The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. Generator Controller (GCU MKII) CONTROLER TYPE. GCU temperature. The unique integrated DG. set controller. and alternator parameter. in one console.

This paper describes design aspects of low cost electrical machines used for highly integrated 48V starter-generator systems. It is shown that a belt-driven interior ferrite magnet machine with integrated power electronics and controller is a good solution for micro .

The Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) replaces the conventional starter, generator and flywheel of the engine and provides an auxiliary function as a convenient automatic vehicle start-stop system for further improved fuel efficiency Like a conventional alternator, the ISG produces electric power.

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Nov 03,  · In such type of cars hybrid spin-off applications, such as the integrated starter-generator (ISG) are emerging with benefits to hybrid electric vehicles, but with little or no cost/performance penalties.

The ISG replaces the conventional starter motor and the alternator (generator).

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