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Partnersuche geseke

The entire country was in an uproar last week, or, to be precise — all the state media shook heaven and earth in response to the report that a kindergarten teacher in Beersheva refused to accept an Arab child in her private kindergarten. One woman TV reporter from Channel 2 responded in the following words: I too do not want my children to learn in a kindergarten or in school with Arab children.

And I will reveal to you an even greater secret: The Education Ministry, as usual, evaded the problem and Partnersuche geseke a stroke of genius: Nu, really … and what would have happened if the Arab family had registered first … then the kindergarten teacher would have had to accept him?

This instance constitutes an excellent example of our dilemma in the State of Israel.

Partnersuche geseke

Do we want to be a state like every Western democracy, or do we desire to be unique, do we want to be the state of the Jews?

Government schools in the United States and in Europe are required to accept children of all religions, and there they also teach about all religions, about Xmas, about Hanukkah, about Ramadan, and who knows what else….

This is not why we established the State of Israel. This is not a call to discriminate Partnersuche geseke the Arab sector. They can run their educational institutions undisturbed, but we cannot have a situation in which Arab children will study in the schools together with Jews.

Our schools are supposed to transmit the Jewish heritage, Jewish values, and Jewish history, and the moment that, Heaven forbid, Arabs are permitted to enter this system, even in kindergarten, Arab parents will exert pressure, demanding that we will also begin to teach the Arab customs, not to mention the fear of intermarriage and assimilation.

Even abroad it is inconceivable that a Christian or a Muslim would be accepted to a Jewish school, so this hypocrisy by the Israeli state media is simply incomprehensible. In contrast, instead of deliberating about the integration of the Arabs, we should be concerned with a much more burning issue, that of the division of the Jewish people, that already begins in the playcare center.

Every Jewish child who is born is directly channeled to a special type of education. A secular child will go to a secular school. A national-religious child will go to a national-religious school.

An ultra-Orthodox child will go to an ultra-Orthodox school. I, personally, think that this is one of the reasons why there is so much alienation among the people, division, and, at times, even hatred. I am not calling for the mingling of the secular, the religious, and the ultra-Orthodox within the same school.

Obviously, each sector desires to maintain the special curriculum that meets its needs. But what I do propose — and I also suggested this to the Education Ministry — is to organize monthly meetings between classes from different schools on a subject that unites us all: This informal encounter between secular, religious, and ultra-Orthodox schoolchildren could create greater understanding, tolerance, and patience among the different parts of the people — rare values in these times.

The Women in Green movement calls upon the government, and demands that it stop the defeatist behavior in Lebanon, and calls for taking the initiative in deterrent and aggressive actions against Syria — who is responsible for the terror and the murders — with the clear message that Israel will no longer sit quietly by when its sons are murdered. - Best Similar Sites |

What the majority of the public apparently does believe is that we cannot continue like this, as the situation is now — but the answer is certainly not collapsing and a shameful departure under threats.

It is important to know that the eyes of the Arab world are directed to what happens in southern Lebanon. The eyes of the Arab world analyze the response of the home front and the response of the government. Our conduct in Lebanon will have consequences for any other negotiations.

If we react with panic every time that victims fall, and if we surrender to pressure, then we must know that the same thing will happen in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza: At any rate, in response to the press release that I sent, I was interviewed on Radio Kol Yerushalayim — equal time, after the spokeswoman of the Four Mothers movement who spoke before me.

The interviewer attacked me and said that my statements calling for deterrence and aggressive action are very serious, very difficult, and that in effect I am calling for war against Syria and Lebanon.

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