Short essay on life and death

Uploaded by adnanmeerali85 on Aug 02, Does knowing we are going to die help us to live? We often take our lives for granted especially when we're young. We think we're going to live forever. But, from one moment to the next, nobody knows what will happen.

Short essay on life and death

I concur with that most basic of definitions for two of the three events. Simple, concise, to the point. However, they fall short of defining the essence of each event, the emotions and effects they have on our consciousness our incorporeal spirit, in short our memories.

Many of histories greatest philosophers, storytellers, poets, and songwriters have given us in depth, well articulated, even ethereal definitions of these events but in the end After all, each life is a unique experience, one that will never be duplicated exactly.

For the most part it has been my experience that people in general do not spend as much time contemplating this life as they ought. Well, let us take a little time now and think about these three seminal events shall we?

That joyous occasion when we welcome a new being into this place. I have always wondered, where do we come from when we arrive here? I mean, logically whenever you arrive somewhere here, whether by plane, car, or foot you left from somewhere right?

So where did we come from to arrive here? No one can say with any certainty just as no one can say, with any certainty, where we go when we leave here. Since birth and death seem to be one way tickets it comes down to your personal beliefs.

I find it unfortunate that so many of the souls that have passed through this place have left their personal beliefs up to someone else to determine. I suppose much of it has to do with the basic human need for acceptance, to feel as though we are a part of it all.

It is also the opiate of the poor and down trodden.

Short essay on life and death

When you arrive here and find you have been deposited into abject poverty with little or no hope of rising above it then the promises of an afterlife filled with all the things that will make you happy Too bad it requires absolute faith and obedience in the absence of any actual proof that this will happen.

So feel fortunate if you were born into a good group of beings and a place where survival was not a daily challenge.

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Few of the billion or so souls that have passed this way were born into a time and place so wonderful as ours. The decision to give birth to another being is, in my humble opinion, the most important decision we will make in this life. Think about that for a moment.

You are giving someone the ability to experience all that this life has to offer, all the joys and all the sorrows. It is the reason our population is growing out of control.Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in as Andrew Warhol.

He graduated from the Carnegie Institute of Technology before moving to New York . Death should therefore be appreciated, like life, as a blessing. Buddhism views death as a period of rest, like sleep, by which life regains energy and prepares for new cycles of living.

Thus there is no reason to fear death, to hate or seek to banish it from our minds. Short Essay on Life Article shared by Life is beautiful but not always easy, it has problems, too, and the challenge lies in facing them with courage, letting the beauty of life act like a balm, which makes the pain bearable, during trying times, by providing hope.

Interesting articles and essays about life to read online -- The best short articles and essays about life. tetw Essays about Life Essays about Death Essays about Love Essays about Happiness Essays about Success. On the death of a sibiling 20 more essays about death. See . Kappa homework on death is Gregs short essay about life and death of 26th all india essay contest on nuclear science and technology his most cherished saying, clich as it may be life is short.

Life and death is usually the plot white coal business plan short stories, plays, and poems. May 1, In Virginia Woolf's short essay The Death of the Moth, Woof placed a lot of significance on life before death.

She gave a very detailed description of the life of the moth during the few hours it was alive.

Essay on Life after Death